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Why Christians believe what they believe

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This work is inspired by the many Bible questions asked of me in my research and through all the Blog series I have written for over the years by real people. Each question has been requested by at least 3000 people and as many as 100,000 people as posted on our Quora, Medium, Wordpress blogs among others.

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As Christians we should not base our beliefs on some emotional experience we had, which we cannot really explain with any substance, other than to attribute the experience to something we want to believe was spiritual or God-inspired. This choice, belief and faith, should not be an unexplainable gut feeling or some thought shrouded in a cosmic concept of God that is neither specific nor explainable. Neither should we hide behind peer pressure that makes us feel guilty if we denied having any real belief in the existence of God at all. None of these aspects are the basis to knowing anything, let alone foundations of a faith.

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The question then becomes, how do we know what is true and what to believe on the ground where we live? What are the facts and what is folklore? How can we know for certain? This writing is intended to discuss what is biblically spoken of behind the faith of what Christians believe. It is not, however, about conspiracies in the church or an attempt to air any dirty laundry. The book of Revelation was chosen as the principle text of this discourse because it is intermingled throughout Scripture like no other. It provides seamless segues that will open up opportunities to address other related questions in Scripture as we examine what is behind the faith.

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Many attribute their belief based on some life experience, but these experiences are often clouded because of some traumatic emotional circumstance. Any answers we tend to get for these moments are either vague or wrapped in some traditional antidote leaving us unsatisfied. In many cases we would be better off making something up to believe on our own. At least that way it would be more personal. In the Christian faith, finding these and other answers to even harder questions are relegated to the scriptures of the Bible. The challenge there is that we can get answers that may be couched in religious doctrine. There are over 2300 evolving translations of the Bible, which have been used by millions over time to manipulate billions of people for thousands of years. The Bible has been used to justify countless evils and atrocities. How then can we trust a writing that has been so manipulated over the ages? If the Bible and all that it represents, is not real and not the absolute literal truth, our faith on any front is without merit, and we have all been played. There have been many books written about the Bible, examining and criticizing, even supporting the scriptures. This effort will attempt to answer a simple, yet compelling question: What is behind the faith?


The search for King David

Dr. Tony Mariot contributes to the search for Solomons Temple, David and Solomon are kings of controversy, was the kingdom of David and Solomon a glorious empire or just little cow town? It depends on which archeologist you ask. The research continues to evolve but conclusively they ruled over a glorious empire in Jerusalem, but some of the proof lies in Egypt. 


The most authoritative and up-to-the-moment atlas of the Bible available today, "Biblica" brings to life the dramatic stories, charismatic people and intriguing locales of the Bible.It is arranged into eight parts such as: Geography and History of the Bible Lands, Genesis and the Patriarchal Period, The Judges, The Kings, The Prophets and the Righteous, The Conquest of the Kingdoms, The Life of Jesus of Nazareth and Spreading the Word.It includes information on the topography, geology, climate, vegetation and key physical features of the region.This title contains 125 original maps showing prominent locations, journeys, battles, kingdoms and empires discussed in the Bible. It also features informative family trees and tables. It incorporates the very latest archaeological findings and theological research.Written by an international team of writers, distinguished academics and Bible scholars and illustrated with more than 650 color images (scenic photographs as well as paintings, drawings and sculptures from the world's leading art galleries, museums and collections), "Biblica" is an essential family resource. Dr. Tony Mariot contributes to the Revelation of John.


This compelling and superbly illustrated account of 2,000 years of Christianity has been written by religious experts. With authoritative text, superb illustrations featuring Christian art and architecture of the times, special features on the Bible, prayer, and Church music, plus detailed maps and a glossary of major Christian churches, Christianity is a comprehensive and accessible reference that uniquely captures the richness of the Christian tradition and experience. Dr. Mariot contributes to the Holy Trinity Controversy.


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