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Dr. Tony Mariot is an Executive Consultant for the Research Department in Biblical Antiquities for The University of Oxford, Oxford Press and National Geographic. He has a Doctorate of Philosophy in Theology from Oxford University at Christ Church, a Masters in Theology, Saint Peters College at Oxford University and Bachelors of Science in Business Management, National University. Dr. Mariot writes for Got Questions, Sivana East, and is published by WIPF and Stock Publishers, Amazon, Millennium House, Global Book Publishing, National Geographic & Barnes and Noble. He has contributed research for the publications “Christianity” - The Holy Trinity Controversy by Millennium House, “Biblica" - The Revelation of John - Global Book Publishing, “The Search for King David” - National Geographic. Dr. Mariot is the author of the Behind The Faith Series.

Behind The Faith

The Shield of the Trinity from the Earliest attested version of the diagram, from a manuscript of Peter of Poitiers' c. 1210


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